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Welcome To Lakeland Players Events Page... A listing of what's Happening!

Lakeland Players Theatre Camp for Kids!Camp
Camp 2One of Lakeland Players annual events is that of our Theatre Camp for kids! This is a great event for kids wanting to get "into" Theatre and learn about different elements behind the scenes. Lakeland Players offers full training in Theatre Arts and Theory. There are many experiences to be had backstage and allowing student and young performers the opportunity to experience those positions is one of our main goals of "Camp". We all want to be an Actor, but the simple truth is if we all felt like that and only that, there would be no Theatre Group! We need everyone and in multiple postitions!
Renaissance Festival

Lakeland Players | The Michigan Renassaince Festival

Another one of Lakeland Players annual events is the Michigan Renassaince Festival in Groveland Township. Every year Lakeland Players mans the Beer & Wine and also the Pop Booths out at the festival. As a huge fundraiser, we get the profits from the weekend to our group!

Unfortunately, Lakeland Players does not have the sole manpower to make such an event happen. We enlist other theatre groups in the are to help us man all theboths and make sure everyone is Popped, Wined, Beered and Meaded!

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