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Lakeland Players History

Lakeland Players has a rich history of performing for the Community for over 50 years. We have performed in a number of venues from Mason Middle School, the Waterford CAI, the Waterford Oaks Activity Center, Central United Methodist Church in Waterford, The Eagle Theatre LIVE! in Pontiac, to now finding a home at Lakeland High School in White Lake.

  • Financial: We have had many budget concerns over the years as Lakeland's financial resources have gone from 50.00 to 50,0000. or more! We have had many boosts, mostly due to the tremendous successes at annual fundraiser's such as:Oompa Loompas
    1. the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Groveland Township
    2. Arts Beats and Eats in Pontiac.

    There have been many instances when Lakeland Players was on the brink of bankruptcy, but luckily we were able to have had the luxury of a bail-out from a generous benefactor. One such person was Robert (Bob) Coats, of Coats Funeral Home in Drayton Plains. Bob, generously donated sufficient funds to help keep our struggling group alive in the early 70s and as a result the Board of Directors voted him our first (of now five) Lakeland Players Lifetime Member(s).

  • Locations: Lakeland strived to make advances in finding a location to perform, as pressure from local area School systems were looking to cut back on helping organizations such as Lakeland. It was then decided that a building fund would be established in the hopes that one day it could be utilized for that purpose. Lakeland Players is here to stay! It is our hope that by reading the information online, that you may decide to join our group and participate in a production.
We have many positions open for multiple positions, and who knows, someday we may see you even on the Board of Directors

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