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Welcome to the Lakeland Players Green Room ssshh!YAGMCB

Define: Green Room:

  • green·room (grēn room') noun (plural green·rooms) a performers' lounge: a room in a studio, theater, or concert hall where performers may relax before or after a performance or appearance (wikipedia)
There are many departments and sections for involvement within Community Theatre please note the catagories below

Backstage Crew

  1. Stage Hand
  2. Painters
  3. Set Construction
  4. Sound Operator
  5. Spot Operator
  6. Ticket Sales Person
  7. Concessions Attendant

Production Team

  1. Costumer
  2. Lighting Design
  3. Paint Chair
  4. Lighting Design
  5. Set Construction
  6. Set Design
  7. Set Dress
  8. Sound Design
  9. House Manager

Board of Directors

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Concessions
  4. Social Chairman
  5. Corrresponding Sec
  6. Treasurer
  7. Publicity
  8. Programs
  9. Tickets

Theatre Event, makes you privy to the joys of green room. A place where its all supposed to be done and you can relax and enjoy the show! A green room tradition for many years was cracking a bottle of champagne open on Opening Night, but because we performed many of our productions in school, we had to drop that tradition.

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