Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Life Sized For Sale

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Illusive Concepts Life Sized
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Illusive Concepts Life Sized
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Illusive Concepts Life Sized

You are looking at a 1st Generation Life Size Prop/ Replica of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) frozen in Carbonite from the classic movie Star Wars.
Produced by Illusive Originals | Timeless Concepts Inc.

A great chance to own a piece of movie history, a great replica of Han frozen in Carbonite.
It is made from cold cast aluminum and fiberglass resin. 

The finish is superb, it has real deep metallic finish, looks amazing. It measures 6ft x 3ft, the same as a standard door. It can be easily hung on the wall to achieve the look in the film. Be your very own proud Jabba the Hut. The piece has sides 10cm deep to give a "block carbonite" effect to Han, as in the film. The piece has real depth! It also has 5 vents on each side (as seen in the pictures). In total from back to the finger tip the piece is 20cm deep.

This would be a great and unique present for  Star Wars fan! It can be hung on the wall and would make a great feature to any room. It is also a great talking point at parties etc....

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Illusive Concepts Life SizedSPECS

Height: 80"
Width: 29"
Depth: 11"
Release: 109 of 2,500
Manufacturer: Illusive Concepts

I bought this from QVC in the early 80s and am looking to sell this. If you are interested send me a EMAIL using the link below of type my email in your TO section CLStorey@comcast.net

This was molded from the same prop that was used in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and was made by Illusive Concepts and is numbered 109/2500. I do have the documentation somewhere that I will look for if anyone is interested. The item is in perfect condition and has always been in a smoke-free environment.

The original purchase price for this was $1750.00 + a large shipping fee (dont remember how much). The box was huge, the size of a coffin. I do not have the box and this would have to be for local pickup only!

I am asking $4,000.00 local pick-up only Michigan/Waterford area.
I only accept Cash or Cashiers Check (Paypal will take a big chunk of the money)

email me at: CHUCK STOREY or - CLStorey@comcast.net

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